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We believe “Brighter is Better” and are passionate about applying this to everything we touch; our team of innovators, our clients, and by extension the world at large. So ultimately our purpose is to make your company brighter.

Welcome to Palantir Ventures

Our focus is on creating and building businesses from idea through to exit. We are about the excellence of focus and execution over the long term.  We help the companies we invest in, and work with, reach their full potential. There have never been more opportunities; let us help and accelerate those that best fit you and your business.

Our Companies

Chord Group
Real Travel

Strategy and Planning

finding the bigger opportunities in existing businesses or creating new ones with a clear executable route to revenue and ROI.

Go To Market Execution

develop the most effective execution models, especially on sales and marketing and manage the change process so that the possibility becomes reality.

Funding and Exit

understand all the potential exit routes, establish a capital model that enables the journey to these and then help manage the process of gaining the right deal for the stakeholders.

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