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We understand the issues and problems of setting up, running & growing an International business, we are able to focus on specific challenges and deliver solution without detracting from your core day to day activities.

The biggest cost and risk in maximising your opportunities is not having the right people at the right time. Ideally you would hire all of the best people and then just pay them for the value they add. Palantir provides this by giving you access to the best on a retained basis, allowing you to utilise highly experienced and expensive resource when they are most needed for a fraction of the cost of employing them.

Strategy and Planning

finding the bigger opportunity in existing businesses or creating new ones with a clear executable route to revenue and ROI.

Go To Market Execution

develop the most effective execution models, especially on sales and marketing and managing the change process so that the possibility becomes reality.

Funding and Exit

understand all the potential exit routes, establish a capital model that enables the journey to these and then help manage the process of gaining the right deal for the stakeholders.

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Strategy and Planning


align all the functional areas of the business under a consistent, market driven direction. Key components considered are; Brand, what value can you add to who, partnerships, and competition.


we are focused on growth but sometimes you have to fix the base to create a platform for growth. Our team have experience turning around businesses totaling Billions of revenue by; managing crisis and cash flow, restructuring and consolidation, refocusing the execution and motivating staff and key partners


understand your market so you can builder better products that solve your customers needs, package these to maximise their appeal and profitability and anticipate and counter competitive threats

Board and Advisory

Palantir Executives serve in a variety of advisory capacities, including outside directorships and corporate advisory boards. Most clients consider us a partner in their on-going businesses execution and use the team for specific execution acceleration.

Go To Market Execution


create and execute integrated Go To Market Plans that incorporate direct sales, channels and partnerships, communications and lead generation.

Sales Execution

establish sales leadership, processes and compensation that drive higher close ratios. This includes rolling our sleeves up bring in revenue by expanding key account relationships and closing deals.

Alliances and Channels

increasingly customer value comes from ecosystems not individual organisations. We find the right partners, persuade them to work with you and then build and manage joint revenue centric execution activities.


we build and manage joined up marketing that drive increased awareness through media and digital visibility, increased targeted funnel development and ultimately maximises the effectiveness of the sales organisation in winning business short, medium and long term.

Funding and Exit

Commercial Planning

we help you decide how you could deploy third party capital to more effectively achieve you objectives. This includes; preparing investor materials, auditing and improving the due diligence process, identify appropriate investors and managing the process and negotiations.


our objective is to put the most appropriate investments in front of the most appropriate investors and ensure the route to closing funding is as efficient as possible for both sides.

M & A

based on your strategy we can identify the most suitable acquisition targets, manage the negotiations, structure and finance the transaction and plan and manage the integration process.

Selling the business

begin with the end in mind so all of the previous activities are directed to maximise your exit. We have been involved in hundreds of transactions so whether you IPO or sell to trade or investors we can manage everything.

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